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Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas S1:E3 - The Holy War Begins
Saint Seiya
10,056 Views · 2 years ago

“The Holy War Begins”
Tenma and the other Saintly Warriors head towards an Italian town where the warriors of the Underworld are gathered. Tenma realizes it is his hometown, and worries about Tenma’s fate. However, Alone appears amongst the burning ruins of the town as the reincarnation of Lord Hades. Tenma – shocked by the evil transformation of his dear friend – is mercilessly attacked by Alone

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas S1:E2 – The Awakening of Hades
Saint Seiya
10,049 Views · 2 years ago

“The Awakening of Hades”
Golden Saints gather around the Goddess Athena and her Sanctuary, in preparation for the new Crusade against the Underworld warriors. Around this time, as Tenma undergoes training to become a Saintly Warrior, he is reunited with Alone’s little sister, Sasha, and learns that she has transformed into Athena. Meanwhile, thinking of his dear and far off friend Tenma, Alone feels lonely and falls into despair.

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas S1:E1 - Promise
Saint Seiya
10,065 Views · 2 years ago


The Crusades. The battles that take place every 200 or so years between the Goddess Athena and Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. In an 18th century European country town, just as the Crusade is dawning, live Tenma and Alone. They have completely different personalities but are the best of friends. One day, Alone meets a woman named Pandora. From that day, the cogs of fate are set into motion.

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