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Hey my name is Phil from legit in. In today'S video, we're going to be looking at an email marketing platform called Aweber now. In this Aweber review, I'm going to show you exact..

Hey my name is phil from legitmarketingreviews.comin. Today'S video we're going to be looking at anemail marketing platform called aweber nowin. This aweber review i'm going to show youexactly what aweber is, how it actually works. Andby the end of this video. You should know if aweberis right for you and just to let you know theyare now offering a free plan. So if you want totest drive aweber for yourself, i've also left alink in the description and if you use that linkyou'll also be helping support this channelokay. So, first of all what is aweber. It is anemail marketing platform, it's extremely easy touse and it does offer a few features that otheremail marketing providers don't now some of thesefeatures include a landing page builder, which isdrag and drop, which is great for collecting leadsand. It also offers push notifications which isgoing to send notifications right to people'sdevices, which is going to get you more exposureso.

What i'm going to do is jump behind the screenand show you aweber, okay, so first of all let'sstart here at the aweber website. What i'm gonnado first is actually run through the differentfeatures that they have listed just in case imiss out on any throughout this product reviewand, then i'm gon na go through the differentpricing plans and the features that you getfrom, either the free plan or a premium paid planand. Then we'll go through the actual tool. Itselfand run some campaigns so first of all i'll cometo features and what we're going to do is actuallyjust scroll down this page. Now, interestingly, thefirst thing they talk about the first feature: isbeing able to use canva inside of the platform.

Nowit'S pretty interesting that they've integratedthis as the first one, considering it's anemail marketing platform and not a designplatform regardless. It is very cool that you canuse canva, while logged into your aweber accountnow. Next, we're talking about templates, we've alsogot, some different automations, that's going butreally when you want to know what features theyhave. This is the little section here, so you geteverything from emails landing pages web pushnotifications forms funnels and much more sobasically. It'S what you'd expect from an emailmarketing platform, as well as having things likeweb push notifications as well, so it's reallyreally cool!

Now, if you come down further we'vealso got the mention of automations segmentationtagging drag and drop for emails as well as theemail designer and the free stock. Imagery whichis cool. We also have reports and analytics autonewsletters and pre-built templates now there'ssome other different types of templates thatyou can browse through. If you wish, but that'sbasically all, you need to know about the featuresthere's plenty of them and if you want to see whatthey are once again you can click on this littlebutton and it's going to show you these oneslike. So now, just before i log into my dashboardand show you around the back office.

What i'm goingto do is quickly go through the different pricingand. The features that you get with it now there'stwo plans. Here we've got the aweber free and we'vegot the aweber pro, and it says here you cansave up to 19.2 on annual plans and you havethree options here. If you want to get a premiuma monthly, quarterly and annually, and then it isbased on how many subscribers that you actuallyhave just to let you know now in terms of featuresyou, can have up to 500 email subscribers on thefree plan, it's going to allow you to have Landingpage builder, the web push notifications it'salso going to give you the drag and drop buildersome different email templates sign up formsand, allow you to use e-commerce, which is goodand.

If you want to get the premium plan, you canget unlimited email lists. You also have advancedemail automation. You can remove the branding whichis pretty standard for any tool that offers you afree membership. You also have insights, andanalytics web page and sales tracking splittesting and more and if we come down, there's afull breakdown of how everything works. Basicallyit is less branding more aweber.

Branding youcan't use card abandonment and purchase taggingas well as behavioral automation and split testingand. It basically happens for all of them insideof here, but apart from that, it's actually a lotof features for a free membership, so i think itis still a really good tool to get started. Withbut, what i'm going to do right now is jump highin the screen and show you aweber. Okay, so hereis my dashboard, i've gone ahead and registeredand you don't need a credit card or anything toregister with this tool. Just click on registerit's going to ask what plan you want either thefree or the pro and then from there.

You just needto, verify your email and you're pretty much goodto go now when you first log in it's going to looklike this. There is a bit of an onboarding sequenceas well, but once you've gone through, all of thatthis will be your dashboard and it's going to askyou to do things like first of all, import yoursubscribers, which will take five minutes welcomeyour new subscribers, which is going to actuallyhelp. You set up an automated email marketingcampaign, so it's really good to get the feelof this tool and then finally, you want to createa landing page which can take up to 10 minutesand once you've done these three things: you'llbe pretty knowledgeable about this platform, nowi've gone ahead and Actually played with thesewithout the onboarding sequence, so what i'mgoing to do is quickly walk you through thedifferent features and then we'll go aheadone by one and see what they do so on the leftwe've got our dashboard, which is this page. Herewe then have messages which is going to includedrafts. We'Ve also got broadcasts, which is likenewsletters.

We'Ve also got split tests which isonly available on the pro plan. Next, we have emailautomation campaigns, blog broadcasts, which is yourrss feed, which automatically gets sent based, ontimes and days that you choose and then finallyemail template manager. Now, for subscribers thisis, just a detailed overview of your subscriberson, your account. So it's all pretty straightforwardwe've also got sign up forms which includes thingslike, wordpress or website. Signup forms we've gothere landing pages, which is like a signup form butan entire page.

Instead, then we have list. Optionswhich includes things like segments tags andautomations for the people within your lists. Thenwe'Ve got web push notifications, which is going tosend notifications to your subscribers phones, ordesktops, whichever they subscribed on finallywe, have some reporting which is going to dothings like analytics and statistics. Then we havesome integrations and then finally help so that'sbasically it. So let's get started with messagesso once you click on the messages.

Tab, it'll beyou'll be taken to this page here now you havea few different options. If you click on createa new message, you've got a drag and drop. Emailbuilder. You'Ve got a smart designer based on yoururl of your website, so it's going to pull somebits and pieces from it. You'Ve also got a plaintext message. If you just want to use text and thenyou've got the html editor. For this example, thoughi'm going to use, drag and drop email builderbecause, i believe most people would actuallylike it. So i'm going to go ahead. Click on that andin a few moments. We are brought to this page herenow you'll notice that it is very plain once wefirst get started.

We have some elements on theleft which we can drag onto our canvas, which ispretty cool we've also got a subject line at thetop, which we can play around with we've. Also gotsome personalization here things like subscribersinfo, like first name middle name, email addressthings like that. So if we wanted to create aemail and we wanted to say, hey and add ina subscriber's first name, it's going toautomatically populate that every time theemail goes out with that subscriber's. First nameand, then you can add in whatever else you needand. It all looks pretty good.

Now me personallyi like to have different types of templates. Soi'M going to go ahead. Click on templates hereand see what we can find so once this is loadedyou'll see, we have a few different templates hereand. What you really want to do is justlook for one that resonates with yousomething that you want to use as a base and thenobviously replace it with your own informationonce, it's loaded. So for me personally, i'm going touse something like this one here i think actuallyi'll come down.

I like this one here, it's justa, simple, blog sort of template, i'm going to goahead click on apply, and i actually just founda little error when it loaded it didn't come. Upexactly, like it does now, which is kind of strangewhat i had to do, was reload the page and then thetemplate appeared just something to think aboutif. You were to do it yourself, just in case you getthe error as well, so i've gone ahead and reloadedthe page and now the template has appearedso. The first thing we want to do is add in asubject line once again i'll rewrite what i didbefore so come to. The top personalize scrollsubscriber info, i'm gon na put in first namehere, is the latest digest from the blog.

All rightyou can even put a little emoji there if you wisha little smiley face now inside here what we justneed to do right now, if you want to add an elementso, you can just click on what you want dragit onto the page like so so, for example, That'Swhat, it's going to look like you can delete thingsjust as easy as you drag them in and we just wantto go ahead and customize it now something veryinteresting with this tool that we went throughon the website is you have the ability to usecanva to actually create content? So first ofall just show you the other features, so you knowhow, it works, there's an upload button, there's alsoimage gallery button which allows you to use stockimagery and then finally, we have design on canvasso. Let'S just say i wanted to create a headerall i need to do. Is click on header and it'sgoing to go ahead and open iframe with canva init, so what you would do is go and create a headerthat. You wish, as you would normally do, insideof canva just for this example.

I'M going to usethis month's special day. So i'm going to clickon that let it load and click save to aweberand, then what it's going to do is publish it andit's automatically going to upload it to awebernow. The first thing you might see is nothing hashappened. I found this before when i was playingwith. It simply click on the image it's going: togo ahead and reload everything and there it isnow.

Obviously this is not a mother's day specialsort of post, but just to let you know how canvaworks. Now, apart from that, all you need to dois go through edit everything as you normallywould, so hey. You can also add in personalizationso once again, ship is shipping subscribers infosorry and then you can talk about things. Thisit'S been a crazy week on the website, we've gonethrough! So many things like right as you wouldnormally talk about in a email newsletter.

Andthen you come through and just design everythingas you want once again. If you want to delete anysections just hover over it, you'll see, there's acopy button. If you want to duplicate it, there'salso a delete button if you want to get rid ofit, so i'm just going to get rid of a few thingsthat looks pretty good and if you want to add inlinks, just click on the buttons put an image linkall. That sort of good stuff, so it's a verystraightforward email builder, which is dragand drop and the good thing is, is the landing pageis exactly the same, except instead of just editingthis little square. You can edit the entire page sothat's.

All you really need to know about it. Whati'M going to do is click on save and exit and thenlet. This baby, publish like so and here now is ourdraft email, which we can use in either broadcastssplit tests, email, automation, campaigns or anythingelse that we would need it for so what you cando for an example is, if you want to schedule, ityou can click on schedule. Here. It'S going tosay um. This is the subject it says. Do you wantto share this message and it's going to say it'senabled for the newsletter hub, so it's going tosend out as a broadcast. You'Ve got it checked, asfacebook, don't share. You can choose to edit thatby clicking edit same with twitter and it'sgoing. To ask who should receive this.

Messageyou can click on edit and change all the listsi've actually only got one list going on herebut. You can choose and exclude, as you need we'vealso got here. When should this message be sent, youcan choose a time and date based off your timezone, so simply choose the time zone that you'rein in the day that you want and you can make itgo in there. So, let's just say, 12 a.m on the 18thand.

That is ready to roll, so i'm going to clickcancel because i want it done immediately andthen. Finally, if you're on the pro plan, you can addin some tags based on what you want to happen, butonce you're happy. You can go ahead and click sendmessage now and it's going to send so i'm goingto go ahead and do it are you sure you want tosend it? You cannot undo this action. Yes, i'm goingto click send now and it is going to save thesettings and send a campaign now just so you knowi've actually put one subscriber in here and it isfor my testing email address.

So no one is going. Tobe sent this email as it's not very relevantto. Anything, but just to show you how it worksso that is now sending it isn't going to takelong less than usually 20 seconds and everythingis going to be done. But if we come down a littlebit further, if you click on split tests, it's notgoing to let you in it'll take you to a pricingplan like so as i'm on the free plan for thistutorial. So i may do a pro version later, butfor that we'll just leave it, as is next we'vegot, here campaigns.

Now, if you went through theonboarding sequence at the beginning, it's goingto go ahead and allow you to create this firstcampaign, which i'll show you what it looks. Likeit'S. Basically, a quick automation, which means thatevery time. Someone is subscribed, it's going, totrigger them based on new subscribers and sendthem. A first of all apply a tag which is thewelcome campaign.

It'S always going to send them amessage thanks for signing up and then apply tagwelcomed, and we remove tag. Welcome campaign soit's, just teaching you how automations work sowhat, i'm going to do is come back and see whatother automations. We can have so first of allwe've got here. A welcome series: we've got a leadmagnet. We'Ve also got a blogger series and a minicourse.

Now many courses are great as lead magnetsas. Well as you're giving a lot of informationand. It'S encouraging people to open up your emailsevery day. So if you have enough content to createa mini course, i highly recommend it otherwise, alead magnet is definitely enough and then you'vealso got your blogger series, which is, if you'rea great content creator, so i'm going to clickon lead magnet, i think just because most peopleuse it i'll Just leave the template as lead magnetand click on create, so this is going to take a fewmoments to actually load. So what i'm going to dooh?

It'S actually been done, so it didn't take afew moments at all, so i'm going to go ahead. Clickon the lead magnet and, as you can see, onhere so every time, a new subscriber issubscribes into our campaign, it's going to triggerit and send out a email message which has hereyour freebie is inside. Now. If you want to addanything else in here, for example, a weight youjust simply drop it in where you want it to go soit's pretty annoying these um pop-up things thatcome, but i think they're quite necessary when youfirst start. What i usually do is make people waitabout two minutes, and it's not long in fact, youcould even make it five, but what you can do duringthis time is once people sign up to your form, youcan, redirect them to a video where you're tellingthem about something else.

If you are trying tosell something regardless, this is a great messageand, then you can also apply a tag, and this tag canbe added inside of here it could just be somethinglike, lead magnet and you can maybe describeit and you can also remove any other tags. Solet'S just say: welcomed, subscriber uh, welcomedi believe the other one was so now. It means oncethey get into lead, magnet they're now in the leadmagnet pool and they're removed from the welcomedtag. So that's all pretty good. So i'm going to gohere click on save and exit, and that is anotherautomation campaign created now. What you want, todo is click on activate campaign before you leavethis page, or else it's not going to work and noweverything is good to go. So that's basically howmessages work. It'S very simple everything is justthe. Same blog broadcast is slightly different butnot much. All you need to do is click on createa blog broadcast.

Add in your rss feed, so in myexample, if you are a wordpress user that is justlegit forward, slash feed soit's, just your website forward, slash feed and it'sgonna go ahead and take all the information fromyour blog and you can go ahead and load templatesand. Everything like that, i personally don't userss feed blog broadcasts, because i like to makesure, i see what goes out before it's automatedhowever. If that is you, you can easily do thisusing this method. So once again, a subject you canpersonalize it based on names, emails everythinglike that and then you can put in a simplemessage. So let's get stuck into the next sectionwhich is subscribers, so i'm going to go! Aheadand click on subscribers. Now this is just goingto list. Everyone! That'S!

On your list, once againthis is just my test, email that i use um justto check different software, so that's all thereif, you click on them as well. It'S also goingto show them where you a little bit about thesepeople. For example, there was my ip when i i triedit using my vpn saying i was in auckland and italso gave me a time and a sign up form, so it's allpretty pretty active now something cool about itas. Well, if you want to keep your email list, cleanyou can come to dormant subscribers and it's goingto list everyone that sort of doesn't engagewith your emails and you can get rid of thembecause. It'S going to help email, deliverabilityif, you're, sending emails to people that don'topen them.

It'S going to affect where they end upand, most of the time it's going to end up in junkso. This is a good way. There'S a few differentoptions that you can choose, so you can playaround with that. If you need to as well now ifwe continue more down the page, let's go to signup forms and let's go to landing pages, so first ofall sign up forms. This is mainly aimed at websitesso, depending on what platform you're usingyou can even have a tab on your facebook.

Pagesimply choose the one that you want to use andit's going to give you step-by-step instructionsof how everything works. So, for example, i know alot of people use wordpress, and this is a nicestep-by-step guide on how it actually works. Andif you install this plugin as well. You can alsouse the push notification feature on your websitewhich is pretty cool, so you can go ahead and checkthat out yourself, but that is there and onceyou've integrated it as you need to what youcan do is come to the top click on create a signup form. It'S also going to offer you the optionto use a landing page, which is also down thereor.

You can create it for your website, like soso, i'm going to click create for a websiteand. Then it's going to offer you a fewoptions. We'Ve got all of these inside of hereand. This is mainly for a sidebar um for thingslike blogs, just so it's easy to use them and embedthem as quick as possible. So that's all you reallyneed to know what i'm going to do is just showyou, my one that i've already edited because it'sgoing to save a bit of time, instead of publishingit, so once everything's done just come over topublish.

So i just created this quick one hereit's, nice and easy i'm going to go to publishand. Then you've got a couple of options: i'll showyou settings as well. Actually, while i'm here we'vejust got a form name basic, thank you page. So ifyou want to redirect to a different url. You cando that and that's usually where i would put ina video and build some rapport with these peopleor try to sell them. Something if need be. We'Vealso got some advanced settings if you want to dothings like ad tracking, but that you don't reallyneed to worry about this one too much unlessyou want to redirect them. Finally publish andwe have here two options. I will install my formor. You want to convert it into a landingpage.

If i click on, i will install my formwe've got a javascript code. We'Ve got raw html soboth options are really quick. Just copy and pastethem onto your website, with the html block, andyou're pretty much good to go. So that is the signup form. Now we'll talk about landing pages reallyquickly. I don't want this video to be too long. Buti'Ve already created a few different landing. Pagesi'Ll quickly show you the templates, so there area few different options on the left that you cango through. If i scroll down, there's also quite afew different options, maybe about 30, that you canget inside of this platform, you can also createyour own templates as well. If you wish theseare to be honest, a little bit plain but to bequite frank, you want plain landing pages asyou.

Just want them to focus on one particularthing, which is putting in the email and gettingsomething back from it. So i've been playing aroundwith this one here, which is quite interesting. Ican click on choose and it's it's just a littlecard. Basically, i'm giving them a little bit ofinformation about you as well as an opt-in, hereso. All you need to do is come through once againyou can change the imagery easily enough, so i'lljust double click that one in there it's a bit bigso for the sizing.

I will just make it a thumbnailmake, it nice and small everything inside of hereis, just as you wish, so just digital marketerright, phil wilson right. So it's real easy tochange. These things you've also got the abilityto add in links um wherever you want and thenfinally. If you click on the form down, the bottomyou can also add in any custom fields that youwant to add. For example, phone numbers or countrythings like that and if you haven't created anyyou, can go to manage your custom fields and it'sgoing to walk you through everything like thatwe, also have in the submission tab. The option toredirect people. So if you want to redirect peopleto custom urls afterwards, you can do so inside ofhere, just put in your url. You wish to take peopleto, and this includes things like creating a salespage, a bridge, video, an upsell. Anything like thatthis is a great time to actually add this. In nowif, we come down a little bit further.

We also havehere powered by aweber. Now this can't be actuallydeleted on the free plan. This is their brandingthat they're, going to add in every single emailand. If you want to get rid of them once again, itis a pro feature, obviously they need some kickbackto keep their software going so having a littlebit of branding here is going to help them outnow. If we come back down to sorry up here, to pagewe have a few more settings that we haven't gonethrough yet so i'm going to go ahead and clickon that now this is going to be our preview. Urlwe also have here: wordpress uh users can usetheir own domain with our wordpress integrationso. For example. If i installed thewordpress plugin it's going to bewhatever, i want it to be so it could be legitmarketingreviews. Com forward, slash landing pageif i wanted to have it there. You can also connectin a custom domain if you wish, and you can alsocustomize your aweber domain as well at the momentthis, looks pretty good, so i'm not too worriedwe.

Finally have a few extra things. We have herepage copying so if you want to allow other peopleto copy this page into their account, you cando so and it's going to allow you to get alink on your back-end dashboard, we've also gotsocial sharing. So if you wanted to share thispage with other people, you could add in somedifferent things, for example, on social mediaso on facebook. If you put in a title adescription and a photo, it's going tolook exactly like that when you share it and thenfinally some tracking, your google analytics andfacebook pixel id. So that's all good, so whati'm going to do is click on save and exitand there.

It is the first one at the top now iforgot to actually change the page. Titles butthey are here regardless, and it is all goodso. What i'm going to do is click on publishand. This one is now live now. If you want to see itjust click on the url, like so open up a new pagepaste it in - and this is our final copy - everythingworks everything looks good um, so that is as easyas. It is. We'Ve also got some social share. Buttonsif you want to share them as well now coming downour list of features we'll continue. We'Ve got herelist options, so we've got here list settings soi'll, go ahead, click on that to show you what itlooks like so i've replaced the default name. Withlmr subscribers and we've also got a descriptionyou've, also got your from field and you'refrom address, and we've got your uh, your contactaddress as well.

You need to have this for can spamanti-law or sorry anti-spam laws, but you need tohave that or us it's not going to send and thenwe've also got some notifications if you want toget it. So that's good! If we come to tags this iswhere, you can create your different tags for yourdifferent people inside of your lists, so i've gothere website subscriber and you can see all thesubscribers within that list now for custom fieldsonce again, if you want to add in things likephone numbers countries, Business names anythinglike that you can add them in and they're goingto be available in your forms. Once you build themjust to let you know, and finally, if youwant list automation, it is a pro featureso, it is going to ask you to upgrade to pro. Soi can't, unfortunately show you that on this onebut coming down, we next have webpush notifications, which is a veryexciting one, because you can use this to its fullpotential inside of your free plan.

So if i was toclick on say new push message, all i need to dois say: hey. I have a huge giveaway going on rightand. You can just type a little bit in inside ofhere, so i'm giving away a mac book pro apple andi watch 20. I don't know i'm just making somethingup, but you change in your link here so for examplei could say giveaway and then add in an image. Solet'S just say: i'm going to put an image of myselfobviously, i'm just showing you what it can looklike.

This is how it is going to look on people'sphones. Now i don't know if you've seen at thetop right of your screen before a notificationcome through or just like any notificationon your phone, it's going to appear almostinstantly and the good thing about this is peoplewill. Get it directly on their phone, not just anemail, that they can push aside and delete this isgoing to say, hey and potentially even make a bellring that they're gon na be like wow, there's umsomething right here in front of me and not bedistracted by everything else around Them so thisis a really cool thing: people pay money to get theservice by itself. So having this and built into afree plan is extremely amazing. Now, once again, youjust click on send push notification and then itis good to go.

Next. We have reports and trackingif. I click on reports. You'Ll see there is a nicelittle basic overview of how everything's done. Nowi haven't been using this long enough to getany subscribers on it. This is actually a demoaccount, but once you've used it for a little bityou'll see how many broadcasts you've sent. Allthe campaigns the uniqueness that uniqueamount of people that have opened it aswell, as the total opens you've, also got classicreports. If you wish, we've also got tracking herebut. Once again, it's a pro feature, so i can't showyou how it works. Finally, we have integrationswhich, it does integrate with a lot of differentplatforms so i'll, let this load for just a secondand.

Here we are so if i click on availableintegrations you'll notice, they integratewith click, funnels wordpress, facebook, paypalit sees it zapier, groov, apps and a bunch morei think. There'S up to 50.So, no matter whatyou're, looking for just type it in so let'sjust say thrive. For example, you can see we cango and quickly integrate with these platforms. Andthat'S. Basically aweber guys it is a bit of a longvideo. I just wanted to show you everything aboutit. So what i'm gon na do is jump behind the screenand. Give you my final sort of overview and opinionabout it okay, so that was aweber now this was aslightly longer video, but i did want to go throughall of the different features as well as alittle demo and how you can actually use themso. Hopefully, this has been helpful overall, it isa very simple tool.

It is very easy to get startedand set up, and this is perfect for someone who isnew to email marketing or wants an email marketingplatform with push notifications so overall ithink. This is a great tool. It is once again freeto get started and if you were thinking about, iti've, also left that link in the description, if youwant to help support the channel. But apart fromthat that was my aweber review. I hope you enjoyedit, if you did make sure you smash that thumbsup button and if you haven't yet hit subscribeloads of good reviews coming in the near futurethat's it from me i'll see you on the next video 

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