Ultimate Fat Burn Workout | 5 Moves to Your Fittest Body

Ultimate Fat Burn Workout | 5 Moves to Your Fittest Body

— Hey guys, Casey here. So, it finally stopped raining in LA and it is so green right now. I think we're almost out of the drought, which is awesome. But everyone, you should still keep trying to save water. 'Cause you never know. You never know. We are literally on top of Los Angeles. You can see downtown LA over there with all the buildings. And then over here, you can actually see Santa Monica, and Venice Beach, and the ocean. And it is so gorgeous. So, because it is sunny outside, I wanted to take you guys out here with me so that we could work out together in a brand-new environment. Just changing it up a little to continue to inspire you guys, okay. So today we're doing five moves to your fittest body, and these are all cardio that is apartment friendly. So we're not jumping. And I think your neighbors downstairs will really, really appreciate that. Okay, let's go ahead and get started.

Okay guys, in your squat position, shoulders rolling back. We're gonna start out with squats. Get ready. Three, two, one, bring it down. And lift, chest proud, booty low, and heels pressing into the floor. Good stuff, and down and up. Just starting out a little slow. Your heart rate is really gonna lift. (exhaling) Nice, down. Try to get your booty down as low as your knees to really activate the glutes. Perfect. Hold right here. Now we pause, pause. Uh oh. Hello? Getting low, low, good stuff. Now, hands behind the head. (cheering) And down, down. Perfect. Coming up, down, and lift, low. Keeping those elbows super wide. You got it. Nice, guys. Get down and up, abs in, chest proud. A little more. Good stuff, guys, and hold it right there. Bring it up. Now we've got lunges, guys. So bring it forward and back. Switch legs down and up using your arms. Good, perfect. Now pulse, pulse, and lift. Switch, pulse, pulse, and lift. Switch, down, down, one more like that.

Boom, boom, and lift quicken out that pace. Let's go down, and lift. Good stuff, chest tall. You're never leaning forward. Good, guys. Down and up, pressing through the heel. Good. That's so nice (exhaling) Isn't it so beautiful out here? Feel like we could work out here forever. A little windy, but I like it. Feel like I'm one with nature. Good stuff. (exhaling) Perfect guys, down. Even lower, yep, you're doing so good. Heart rate is up. Good. Two more, one more, and out. Okay. Now we've got side lunges. You're gonna bring that leg out. You know, touch the floor like so, and then switch. Ready, down, down. Tap, tap, straining out that knee. Making sure the feet are flat to the mat to the ground. (exhaling) Are you guys feeling it? Good stuff.

You feel the inner thighs too. ♪ I still keep it in ♪ — Good, boom, tap, tap, a little faster. Very good. Come on. Push, push. Straighten that leg out. Get lower. I never wanna see you hunching your back. I want you always lifting that chest. (exhaling) Good stuff. Singles now, let's go, singles, singles. (exhaling) Good. Perfect. Tap, tap (exhaling) Eight more, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, tap, tap, and tap, tap boom. And one more good, and lift. Okay, guys, we got the lunge lifts. Check this one out. You gonna bring your knee up and come down, lift and down. Nice and slow, up and slow, and lift (cheering) and down. Taking a lot of balance, and low. Try to touch the floor. Abs, control, and lift.

Eyes looking forward, up and down. You're to really fire that glute. Right up, back to the quads, not wire? And down (exhaling) ♪ Baby I surrender ♪ — And up, control. You're doing amazing. Okay. Let's switch the sides. Here we go. Switch and down. Take your time. Lift and lower, and squeeze, and down. You're doing so well and pressing. (exhaling) Nice guys, up and down, looking forward. Now this wind is trying to push me over. One more, and lift. Okay, guys. Narrow squat for me. Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. Beautiful. Now bring those arms up, lengthen that leg. You're in that chair, (exhaling) those arms up really elevates your heart rate. We're burning more calories, we're burning more fat. Lengthen that leg. I want it straight. (cheers) You're doing so well. Come on, come on. And lengthen, nice.

Come on, guys. Back and back, long legs. (exhaling) Keeping the hips, pushing back, booty back, arms up, straight arms. You look so good. (exhaling) Don't stop. Getting fit together, guys. All you gotta do is commit a little bit. Come on! Boom. It's for you. It's for your body. You can do this. (exhaling) Nice. Come on back and back, almost there. Now hold it right here. Hold it and bring those arms out. Oh! And give yourself a round of applause. You guys did fantastically. Now give this video a thumbs up if you completed it, whether you had to take some breaks or not, it doesn't matter. We made it here together, and the more you do it, the better you're going to get. Okay? Super proud of you. Share this video with someone that you care about, and I'll see you next time. Bye! ♪ Surrender, you won ♪ ♪ Ain't gonna pretend I feel done ♪ ♪ So baby, I surrender, you won ♪ ♪ And I bite the dust ♪ ♪ 'Cause I'm falling for you ♪.

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