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Digital Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Sector in 2019 (Hindi)

2 Views· 12 Nov 2020
Loick Touankam
Loick Touankam
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Digital Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Sector in 2019 (Hindi)

We would like to request you to give an overview regarding this topic. Digital marketing for real estate sector has two primary goals, lead generation and brand awareness. We have many options to generate leads on a regular basis. Apart from that, digital marketing requires very specific targeting for lead generation and this can be done through different digital marketing channels. You may use free or paid channels. You have to choose your channels effectively. Real estate sector is seasonal.

How to generate effective leads and what channels to use for the same?

Google Ads (a little costly but the conversion rates are high)
These are intent based and thus reliable. These may also be referred to as pay per click ads. You need to target the right keywords for best results. Google ads allow you to target locations. It generates leads from day one. This is very competitive. You can combine Google ad and text ad with remarketing and retargeting.

Facebook Ads (conversion rates are slightly lower but the costs are also low)
Multiple options available here like link click campaign, lead generation campaign, video ad, image ads etc. Facebook is a very effective option for budget properties. It could be the primary lead generation channel for budget homes. You can combine multiple marketing channels to get the best results.

LinkedIn Ads (depends on type of properties, good for commercial properties)

Linkedin can also be very effective as it also has a lot of targeting options. It is best for luxury homes and commercial properties. Since it is a professional network, you can target based on the industry. It is slightly costly.

Every platform comes with different set pros and cons. You need to combine different platforms to create optimum strategy for best leads. Retargeting is also possible through these channels. SEO is another thing you can try but it is a time-consuming process. The conversions are high but the quality too is good.

Google Display Network is yet another option. It helps to widen the reach. It is possible to target people based on demographics.
Rohit Vedantwar shares many more exciting tips related to digital marketing for real estate sector in 2019 with the digital marketing expert Rushikesh.

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