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First Transgender Protagonist in a Video Game? - Inside Gaming Daily

42 Views· 23 Nov 2019
Loick Touankam
Loick Touankam
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What do you think would happen if DONTNOD and David Cage made a game together? Would it create so much unadulterated dialogue cringe that the world would suck back inside of itself and the universe as we know it would be obliterated?

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[Mashable] 'Tell Me Why' makes history with the first transgender protagonist from a major game studio tinyurl.com/wshh9hu
[The Hollywood Reporter] GLAAD, Microsoft Collaborate on Major Playable Transgender Game Character tinyurl.com/ueq6yho
[GLAAD] Tell Me Why is the first major studio game to feature a playable transgender lead character tinyurl.com/vj894c3
[The Guardian] 'This raises the bar': Microsoft introduces first lead trans character in a major video game tinyurl.com/ul5ketv
[VentureBeat] Dontnod’s Tell Me Why game will feature a transgender main character tinyurl.com/tf58yyr
[Kotaku] BioWare Put A Lot Of Work Into Dragon Age's Trans Character tinyurl.com/s7aogcl
[Wikipedia] List of video games with LGBT characters tinyurl.com/y34t78yt
[Mic] We talked to trans gamers about why ‘Dream Daddy’ is such a win for inclusion tinyurl.com/tpb7obb
[Unwinnable] Positive Transgender Representation in Videogames Is Now More Important Than Ever tinyurl.com/rncutdg
[Shack News] M**** Effect: Andromeda to Change Portrayal of Transgender Character Hainly Abrams tinyurl.com/vpzv5w8
[Twitter] @bioware tinyurl.com/lt87slt
[The Next Web] Cyberpunk 2077’s character creation system won’t have gender options tinyurl.com/y4fsdje8
[Twitter] @patrickklepek tinyurl.com/tuvfzl6

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