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How to Integrate Google Analytics & Search Console for Better SEO Analysis [Bite-Sized SEO Tutor

0 Views· 07/24/22
Loick Touankam
Loick Touankam
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Another quick #InternetMarketingTutorial by Greensboro SEO Pro!

In this short video, we explain how to connect #GoogleSearchConsole with #GoogleAnalytics.

By integrating the two, you receive several benefits.

But this videos isn't about the benefits...

It's a quick #SEOHowTo for onboarding and basic explanations. It's not a deep dive, just a quick overview on Analytics and Search Console Integration. Follow the steps and you'll have access to the in-depth #SEOData Google is willing to give you.

Obviously, these 4 minutes are just a tiny piece of the #SearchEngineOptimization puzzle. But they are an important piece. Please leave a comment if you need clarification.

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Need more customers?

SEO is probably the most high-impact strategy available to you. Do your customers use Google? Do you think they will continue to do so over the next 5-10 years? If yes, SEO is probably your most sustainable marketing strategy as well.

Still don't get it?

Let us clarify with our free SEO video audit:

Or, you can stay tuned to GSP for more #SEOEducation coming soon.

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