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Steven Furtick's Son Flexes Lifestyle in New Rap Song, Ruslan Reacts

0 Views· 07/24/22
Loick Touankam
Loick Touankam
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Steven Furtick's Son Flexes Lifestyle in New Rap Song, Ruslan Reacts original video:
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00:00 - Intro
00:42 - Who is @Official Steven Furtick and my soft spot for Him
1:11 - Deeper Concern, How I Stumbled Across this and Attempting to Reach out
2:21 - Reacting to "no hook" by do the dash!
2:32 - Sus reference number 1 and what urban dictionary defines as a "blicky"
3:48 - 2nd Sus lyric about underage drinking
4:36 - "Lick Her One Time" lyric about a woman
5:11 - Total References to "drip" "ice" and other flexing.
5:45 - @Holly Furtick Cosigning the song on instagram and youtube.
6:14 - Another reference to guns and violence?
7:30 - Turning Heads in the bank that frequents show much
8:20 - Another reference to inflicting harm?
9:18 - Did he got help on this bar from his dad?
9:50 - The biblical standards for the head pastor of a church
10:40 - How this song is harmful to both @Elevation Church and His Future Career
11:20 - Attempting to reach out to Steven Furtick and the family to explain the lyrics
12:13 - What I said when reaching out.
13:30 - The Deeper issue with the institution of mega church celebrity culture and lack of accountability.
14:10 - The real dangers of making music like this
14:48 - Are situations like this a reflection on the institution of church in the west?
16:06 - My question for members of Elevation Church
16:40 - Conclusion

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