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The Writing on Boba Fett's Throne Translated - Star Wars Explained #Shorts

0 Views· 07/24/22
Loick Touankam
Loick Touankam
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Did you know you can read the runes on Boba Fett’s throne? It’s written in the old Sith language, ur-Kittat, and if you saw my easter eggs video for the second season of The Mandalorian, you already know that the throne simply reads "Boba Fett." It’s not quite a one to one translation, and the words are mirrored on each side, but I think it’s close enough we can assume that was the intent. Why did Jabba already have a chair with Fett’s name on it? Why was Bib Fortuna sitting in it? We may never know. And honestly, don’t read too much into this. I think it’s just a fun thing for fans to discover.

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