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The speaker is very passionate about exercise, nutrition and health. He reflects that in the talk.

Jason found his passion for athletics, health, and fitness at an early age. Throughout his childhood, Jason’s athletic career revolved around basketball and baseball. When he reached high school, Jason decided he would one day like to enlist in the military, which led him to focus on his increasing his overall health and fitness on a regular basis. Inevitably, his enrollment in the military did not occur. But all the training he had done in preparation for the military left Jason in the best shape of his life, and that is when he truly realized his passion for health, fitness, and endurance sports. Jason started pursing a career in the health and fitness field at a local community college, and then transferred to Rowan University, where he also ran cross-country. Juggling academics, athletics, and a part-time job as a personal trainer was difficult, but it allowed Jason to realize that balancing all aspects of life is a challenge most health and fitness enthusiasts face

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Need A Quick Answer? Here's a 90-Second explanation of the definition of health, the definition of fitness and the difference between the two.

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What's the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain today? Exercise! says neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki. Get inspired to go to the gym as Suzuki discusses the science of how working out boosts your mood and memory -- and protects your brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

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Join UCLA performance nutritionist Luke Corey, RD, LDN, part of the UCLA Health Sports Performance team powered by EXOS, for a discussion about how the power of good nutrition can fuel your body for optimal performance when you exercise. He will share the latest research in sports nutrition to create diet plans for athletes of all ages, sports and performance goals. Learn more:

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#HealthDocumentary #InspirationalFilms #Immunesystem #FactsAboutHealth

Healthy Living is a mini documentary about leading a healthy lifestyle. The film reveals several unconventional concepts and tips to leading a healthy lifestyle. Moreover it delves deeper into studying health at the cellular level, unravelling facts about the PH balance, breathing techniques and dietary changes etc.
Learn about how you can improve your immunity and health through this health documentary.
The film also features health tips from the world's leading medical professionals, nutritionists and authors on the subject of health.

The producers grant the rights to showcase this film for nonprofit purpose and community learning programs.

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paul robinson documentary
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Boost your immunity
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The film is based on Paul Robinson's THE INNER GAME OF SUCCESS.
Download The inner game of success audio coaching program

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Time for a deep chit chat on one of the most important aspects when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle that sticks - SELF DISCIPLINE! Here I share 10 tips on how to become self disciplined in health and fitness. It's all about mindset and perspective! It is an essential part of what will KEEP you healthy and fit for the long haul! ?
PS - My apologies for those random glitchy sounds. My microphone was having some issues, in the process of getting a new one! ?

*DISCLAIMER: I am in NO way saying that you can't be healthy and fit if you do not follow these tips. These are just things that have seriously helped me in my fitness journey and I hope these tips could help anyone out there who is struggling with this aspect of health and fitness. Remember, the body won't go where the mind doesn't allow it to! Together, we got this! xo ??


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My Fitness Journey Round Two | Weight Loss, Finding Balance & Building Healthy Habits
#myfitnessjourney #weightloss #postpartum

Everything I've Ever Wanted to Tell You is in this video. Each of our fitness journeys are so different. We all start at different places at different times. There is no perfect picture of health.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back".

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

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#JudgmentDay #Terminator

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How to start your health and fitness journey. I am starting a 6 week reset challenge and am documenting everything from what I'm eating, my workout routine, my top tips & so much more!??

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Why exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Vincent Lam has had a passion for fitness for as long as he can remember. His goal is to help people restore, maintain, and promote quality of life and optimal physical function. He is devoted to helping others achieve their fitness goals. He graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in kinesiology and is also a certified personal trainer. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Improve your English vocabulary and speaking with this 'health and fitness' 6 Minute English compilation from BBC Learning English! One hour of listening practice to help improve your English listening and learn LOTS of new vocabulary! There are 10 episodes and each contains authentic listening practice, fun quiz questions, analysis of new vocabulary and looks at how to use these words in real-life contexts!

0:00 Are you getting enough exercise?
06:09 Should we wear face masks?
12:15 Objectification: is there really a perfect body?
18:19 Giving up alcohol
24:37 Being slim: is it in our genes?
30:41 Do you live a sedentary life?
36:45 What's the point in blood types?
42:51 The medicine of coronavirus
48:55 Meditation and the brain
55:02 The importance of handwashing

You can find the transcripts, quizzes, vocabulary and activities on our website:

???????? ???? ??????? ???????? ????:
What makes you happy?

Street food: why is it becoming popular?

How do you learn to speak a language?

What to do when you can't sleep

Do chimps have the same emotions as us?

??, ??? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??? ??????????? ?????? ????:

#BBCLearningEnglish #LearnEnglish #6MinuteEnglish

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Raymond G. Miltenberger provides an introduction to behavior analysis applications in health, fitness, and sports, with a focus on approaches to increasing physical activity and enhancing sports performance. To learn more about this area, visit the BACB website:

This video was produced in association with DataFinch.

Video Sections:
00:00 Introduction
00:43 ABA to Increasing Physical Activity
06:45 Behavior Interventions used to Increase Physical Activity
21:32 Why do Behavioral Interventions Work?
23:40 Conclusion to ABA to Increase Physical Activity
26:28 ABA to Enhancing Sports Performance
32:05 Behavior Interventions used to Enhance Sports Performance
53:26 Conclusion to ABA to Enhance Sports Performance

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Lesson #20 of the Cambridge IGCSE PE syllabus.

Topic: Health, Fitness & Training
Chapter: Health & Wellbeing
Lesson 20: Health & Wellbeing


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Body Composition Calculations for Health Fitness Professionals.
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Heart rate calculations for health fitness professionals.
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swole n' healthy

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A few gentle warm-up exercises to make your workout more effective and also prevent injury.

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small changes that gave me big results | beginner tips | health & fitness
#smallchanges #habits #lifestyle

back with a beginner tips video! here are some small changes that i've made that have helped me get big results.

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