Chime Banking Bonus - Earn $100 FREE Money in 15 Mins (Step by Step)

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Hey guys, it's pilar and in this video i'm goingto show you how i recently received a 100 chimebanking bonus in under 15 minutes and how i gotaround the direct deposit requirement. I'M gonnashow you a..

Hey guys, it's pilar and in this video i'm goingto show you how i recently received a 100 chimebanking bonus in under 15 minutes and how i gotaround the direct deposit requirement. I'M gonnashow you all of that step by step here in thisvideo, as well as how to earn up to one thousanddollars in chime bank referral bonus money peryear, let's get started so just a quick recapon why you would even want to sign up for a chimebanking account. They are an online fintech, companymeaning they're, not actually a bank, but they dooffer. You checking and savings accounts, throughthe bancorp bank and stride bank and, as with manyonline banking apps, some of chimes perks, includea free checking account. So you don't have toworry about having a minimum balance.

Requirementthere are no monthly fees and no internationaltransaction fees. There are over 60 000 fee-freeatms all over the united states, and if you do wantto use an of network atm, they will charge you twodollars and fifty cents per transaction thereis fee free overdraft protection. So with theirspot me feature, you don't have to pay fees, forcertain transactions that overdraw your accountchime will spot you up to 200, depending onyour account activity and history as well asother risk factors they have a high yield savingsaccount. They also have a chime credit builder. Guysthis is really important, especially if you havebad credit, and you want to build up your creditand.

The only way to access this featureis to unlock it by doing a direct depositinto, your chime spending account of 200, i'm gonnashare with you exactly what i did to kind ofbypass that a bit where i could earn my 100 chimebanking bonus as well as unlock this chime Creditbuilder, you also have access to early paycheckdirect deposit, so you can get paid up to two daysearly and you will have the option of sending andreceiving money so peer-to-peer money. Transfersyou can do it without having to pay any fees. Andnever pay, instant cash out fees at the end of theday. Chime doesn't operate like a traditional bankthere are no physical locations, but that's alsoone way that chime is able to keep their operatingcosts low and they pass along these statements toyou. So if you don't have a chime banking accountchime is actually offering you a 100 sign up bonusright now, but you have to do these two qualifyingactions, the first one is.

You must sign up using aunique referral link. You can use my chime referrallink down below underneath this video you mustalso make a direct deposit of 200 or more within45 calendar days of opening the account once youdo that the referral bonus amount will generallybe provided to you within two business days. That'Swhat happened to me, but here's the thing ifyou're like me and you don't have an employerto, do a direct deposit or if you simply don't wantto, go through the hassle of changing your currentpaycheck direct deposit, then this can pose aroadblock for you, i'm going to share with Youexactly, what i did to overcome that so, let's lookat what counts as a direct deposit for chime andaccording to chime a qualifying direct deposit isa, direct deposit from your employer, your payrollprovider gig economy, payer or benefits payerby ach deposit or original credit. Transactionmany banks not only chime. They do require a directdeposit in order to receive the sign up.

Bonusin general. These types of payments come in on aregular basis and it helps to ensure that the bankis receiving a steady stream of money now here, iswhat chime deems a non-qualifying direct depositbank ach transfers. Basically, if you're trying totransfer money from your current bank into chimethat is not going to count as an ach transfer, payfriends transfers, verification or trial depositsfrom financial institutions, none of thesepeer-to-peer transfers such as from paypalcash, app or vemmo mobile check deposits, cashloads or deposits one-time direct deposits. Such astax refunds and other similar transactionsnone of these are going to qualify for your 100chime banking bonus, though, in my chime bankreferral bonus experience, i discovered thatan ach deposit from an unsuspecting mobile groceryapp was enough to trigger the chime sign up bonusso. I discovered that the ibotta app counts, asa, chime direct deposit.

Now i've spoken quitea bit on ibotta on this channel, but as a quicksummary ibotta is one of the most frequently usedgrocery shopping rewards apps in the unitedstates to date, more than 35 million peoplehave downloaded the app i'm an avid user and i'veearned over four thousand six hundred And fiftydollars in cash back rewards in under two yearswith ibotta. Recently i bought a rolled out a bankaccount option as a deposit method for cashbackrewards earned and on a whim. I decided to linkmy chime checking account to my i bought a grocerysavings app. I initiated a direct deposit transferfrom ibotta to chime in the amount of 204

With39 cents and lo and behold it qualified me forthe 100 chime bank referral bonus now that i'veconfirmed that the ibotta grocery savings appqualifies as a chime, direct deposit, i'll sharewith you how to set this up for yourself. So youcan get the 100 chime banking bonus.

Now the firstthing you want to do is you want to sign up for afree ibotta account you can download the freei bought a mobile, app or download the browserextension make sure to use promo code that yousee on the screen to receive upwards of twentydollars in free cash? Now you want to actuallyuse the grocery savings app. This is how you'regoing to accumulate enough cash back, rewards inorder to do the banking transfer over to chimeso, find and add offers to your shopping list. Fromover 1 000 retailers in the ibotta shopping appdo your regular grocery shopping. Then make sure toscan your receipts and then you will earn ibottacashback rewards on all eligible offers.

Now, perchime bank referral bonus requirements, you'll needto do a direct deposit of 200 or more to qualifyfor the bonus, and now, while my i bought a promocode, will help you get your initial free moneyyou'll still need to get up to 200 in cash backrewards before initiating a Transfer to chime nowi will link a blog post down below, where i outlineeight ways to make money with ibotta feel freeto use that cheat sheet to quickly reach your twohundred dollars. Okay, so now you want to link upyour chine bank account to your. I bought a grocerysavings app to withdraw your cash back earningsso. Obviously you want to have your chime checkingaccount ready. It only takes a few minutes to setup.

I promise it's really easy and you need touse an invite code in order to get the 100 sign. Abonus i'll link my unique special code down belownow. The next thing you want to do is you wantto go into your ibotta grocery savings. Appyou want to tap on the account tab and then selectthe withdraw cash option then select the addnew bank account link, search for chime bank usingthe search bar and then simply add your chime, bankchecking account number and routing number andthey will connect to your ibotta account withinliterally 30 Seconds, hey, real quick can yousmash that, like button that really helps meout with this video. Alright, so let's keep goingso once you've connected your checking.

Accountyou can go back and select it to cash out. Youribotta earnings remember to cash out a minimumof two hundred dollars to your chime bank forthis to work properly, so it did take me two daysto receive my 100 chime bank referral. Bonus. Butit only took me about 15 minutes to set this allup now. Do you do remember that this direct depositis also going to unlock the chime credit builderfeature for increasing your credit score so ifthat's, something that's important to you.

Thendefinitely make sure to do your qualified directdeposit within 45 days of signing up to chimeokay. So you got your 100 chime sign up bonus. Nowlet me share with you how you can make a lot moremoney so within your chime, mobile banking appyou're, going to find a special referral linkunique to you, you can use this link to inviteothers to join you on chime. Each time someone usesyour referral, link to sign up you'll earn 100 andyour friend will also earn 100 in free money. It'Sreally a win-win situation.

Now chime will give youup to one thousand dollars in free referral bonusmoney to earn each year. So if you have a spouseor a partner and you want to quickly earn 300in referral bonuses, you can simply use this veryvery easy method use my special referral link. Downbelow, that's going to earn you your first 100then use your unique referral link to have yourspouse sign up. They'Ll earn 100 in the processand you'll also be rewarded 100 for a total of 300invite more people for up to one thousanddollars in chime bank bonus rewards peryear, hey guys. If you've enjoyed this video pleasedo me a quick favor hit that like button subscribeto the channel and go make that money i'll seeyou again in the next one.

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