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Feeding All of My Animals! (Why I Rehomed 12 Pets)

1 Views· 07/24/22
Loick Touankam
Loick Touankam
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I figured a good return video would be one in which I showcase all of my pets! I also explain in this video why i made the very hard choice to rehome around 12 of my animals. In the description there is a list of which ones got rehomed and why they did. i encourage u to pls read whole description before commenting something negative.

DEAD RATS SHOW UP AT 6:10 until 14:51
AND AGAIN FROM 29:00 - 32:58
if you want to skip it, before those times show up skip to the end time.
love u.
-Green Tree Python in Thumbnail: https://bit.ly/33Y0FIp
-Blue Tongue Skink in thumbnail: https://bit.ly/2PedQle
SECOND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCPs9eqGz7drHrgI5p
Story continued:
the man who owns the rescue who took in most of my reptiles that I chose to rehome said I'm allowed to visit sometime. I am going to see if it'll be ok to film them when I do visit, so I can show y'all how they're all doing! It's never an easy decision to do this, and i miss them all every day. But I know I made the right choice for not only their health but also mine.

This doesn't mean I'll never get another new animal, but it wont be as rapidly as I used to obtain them. In the last 10-ish months, I've only brought in two animals, one of which was included in being rehomed.
i do have a list of dream pets, in which if i ever come across them at a good time in my life i will be purchasing/adopting. I simply obtained way too many too fast when I wasn't healthy, and now need time to recover. I'd even be interested in re-obtaining some of the ones I rehomed when I get healthier and live on my own again but I am unsure if that'll be the case or not.

i hope you can understand my choice, or at least respect it! and i hope you enjoyed seeing all my babies!

1. Tate, My Albino Pied Ball Python (he ate live food, my parents and my assistant who was in town both refused to feed live)

2. Gucci 1
3. and "Gucci 2" (escape artists, nippy towards my family and made them scared)

4. Toast (hoping to get him back going forward, he's the hardest one to feed and was too difficult for my parents to figure out. he has to be moved into a separate container and sometimes rejects frozen, and my parents absolutely wont feed live. it sucked to rehome my very first snake)

5. Kronos (his cage upgrade he needed would not fit in my parents + my parents are terrified of him and didn't even wanna open his cage to feed him lol. I miss him so much and am dying to see him)

6. Cersei, Tarantula (parents were scared. i miss her fjfjdjd i miss all these babies)

7. my 2nd tarantula, a pink toe, that I had not introduced on my channel yet. (parents were scared)

8. My surinam horned frog, Tyrion aka Nut. (My parents said his cage was leaking and the rescue guy was coming to pick up the animals the next day, so i put him on the list instead of trying to teach my parents over the phone how to re-build his enclosure)

9. Croc Skink 1 (cosmo)
10. Croc skink 2 (wanda) (due to their humidity needs, i figured it'd be best to have minimum animals requiring high humidity. aka why i only kept sabor) (my parents rly wanted sabor to go too, along with duck for apparently being aggressive but i refused on both, insisting the list was already long enough)

11. Phoenix, my Crested Gecko. He was sadly chosen simply due to my parents wanting a longer list. I actually listed both crested geckos to rehome which killed me, but my mom ended up letting me keep echo since he was my very first reptile I ever owned.

12. My Scorpion, Loki. (parents were scared of him lol)

I think thats it??
Both of my hedgehogs were chosen to be rehomed, too. But, my parents didn't find a good home for them and ultimately kept them. BEFORE rehab I also rehomed my halloween crab, my satanic leaf geckos, and two of my fish tanks. I did this when moving to my new house

***IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN MY COMEBACK VIDEO, PLS WATCH IT TO BETTER UNDERSTAND**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf062908osU&feature=youtu.be
PS, yes i feed all my snakes in their enclosure, i personally believe it is safer than stressing them out by moving them before and after a meal into another location. if your snake refuses to eat in their enclosure that's understandable, but personally mine do amazing in their cage and have never had aggression issues! snakes are able to ingest small pieces of substrate, how else would they survive in the wild? Besides, they usually work it out of their mouth instead of swallowing it anyways. It's a personal preference that i've had amazing success with!
My Latest Videos - https://goo.gl/6Bwvua
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean

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